Index of SMB posts.

Extra effort has been made to keep the following posts as free of technical jargon, as possible. Many Trustifier posts are written at a high general level, so you may wish to check some of the others out at your convenience.


Plight of the SMB Cyber Defender Series


SMBs may be overwhelmed by cyber threats, but are usually under-resourced and not being served well by the security industry.

Cyber Security: Time to Help the Little Guys (SMBs)


Many SMBs believe they wouldn’t be interesting to hackers. Dismiss the myth.

SMBs: Myth-informed about cyber attacks?


When attackers go through you, to attack others.

SMBs:cyber security isn’t just about your data


Loss of trust, reputation, liability and damaged brand might result from being hacked.

SMB breach fallout makes recovery hard


Maybe a reassessment of one’s data will help SMBs properly value, and protect it.

SMBs, you do have data assets to protect!


Awareness may be growing, but there’s still a long way to go. TUX AI will help SMBs to protect their business.

SMB cyber security: series wrap-up


Other SMB Posts

The big breaches in the news involve big box chains, but small retailers need help also.

Retail Point of Sale Security – help for SMBs


What happens if SMBs need to prove their cyber security due diligence in order to land supply chain contracts?

Supply Chain Security Needs TUX AI



Ransomware Ascending Series

It’s about more than just whether to pay or not.

Ransomware Ascending – Part 1


A look at why this problem exists tells us how hard it will be to fix.

Ransomware Ascending – Part 2


You want to avoid paying ransom, AND having to do frequent data recoveries. Prevention is needed.

Ransomware: The PIT and the Pendulum (Pt 3)


Discussing some unique KSE kernel and data integrity controls that TUX AI will install for SMBs.

Tux AI and KSE Ransomware Prevention


Phishing Series

Many advocate security awareness training to stop phishing. It may help to reduce incident rate, but don’t count on it as a complete solution. More is needed.


PHISHING: fool me once … is still all it takes!


Phishing: Doomed to be a Phool?


Phishing: Are you a Suckerphish if you fall for the bait?



We’ll add any future posts that qualify as SMB friendly to this index. Remember SMBs, TUX AI is your friend. It will be like a driverless car for cyber security. Just tell TUX your destination and it will deliver you there. You can catch the short TUX tour on our start page, here.