We built Trustifier  as the world’s first Web Services-Applications Firewall on Language-Theoretic Security Paradigm and mathematical modeling of web attacks.

The result? The most comprehensive and accurate, detection and denial of Web attacks.

Fahrenheit deciphers Web attacks without human help. It’s an expert system featuring pre-trained AI – Artificial Intelligence engines combined with innovative reverse-parsing technologies that are able to detect Web app attacks in all vulnerability classes. Fahrenheit denies any malicious operation in the entire Web 2.0 and Java-based Web Application Stack (and more), from the web-server edge, to the back-end databases, in real-time.

can implement and maintain Fahrenheit on dozens, hundreds or thousands of nodes for you when, and as you need them.



Fahrenheit is the only one that can deliver the level of comprehensive web protection at the level it does, immediately. No need to worry about tuning for hundreds or thousands of different parameters for individual nodes, or learning baselines. Take immediate advantage of very powerful features:

  • zero configuration; ready-to-go out-of-the-box-starts protecting you right away;
  • self-adapting; self-configuring; Fahrenheit doesn’t require awareness of the Web applications it is protecting, nor their vulnerabilities;
  • massive scalability; central or local management; now automated with ;
  • built using Langsec, algebraic modelling, instead of pattern matching; AI adaptive profiling and continual Learning;
  • inspects and vettes all data inputs to calculate likelihood of attacks targeting the database applications, malicious code snippets can’t reach the applications/stack;
  • stops attacks in real-time including evasion attacks;
  • mathematically, extremely difficult for any attack to bypass the analysis engine;
  • understands all web languages; comprehensive protection;
  • cohesive for security events at all layers, not just the Web application layer;
  • view and manage all applications, services, virtual machines, and containers in a network or enterprise; consolidate security;
  • get protection at every level; implement as C library, to secure application level communications, as plug-ins for all major Web application servers, as a reverse proxy plug-in for a transparent Web proxy services, or to run as a separate ICAP or ECAP service on the side;
  • monitor and protect data on the fly; intercept network – Web app conversations and filter out sensitive data as it flows across the wire, as a reverse proxy Web application firewall;
  • works with what you have, no need to rip and replace; extend lifecycle of mission-critical or legacy systems and applications;
  • full integration with providing immutable logging, mandatory access controls, manually auditable reference monitor for full user control, plus other Trustifier technologies.