Trustifier Announces DFARS Compliance Kit

WASHINGTON DC, FEB 24, 2017 – Trustifier announced today the general release of an all-in-one hardware/software solution to the cyber-security compliance component of the Defense Federal Acquisitions Rules Supplement (DFARS). This DFARS Compliance Kit is a groundbreaking solution, taking a dramatically different approach to achieving compliance against complex DFARS regulations.

“DFARS compliance is a hard and ongoing problem, especially for small and medium-sized businesses because they usually have limited access to the expertise required to achieve and maintain these strict compliance regulations. This kit lets them have a fully compliant, ready-to-go network, in just 15 days,” said Ahmed Masud, CEO of Trustifier, “and because the kit is coupled with our Evergreen Compliance program, we can ensure that companies stay compliant, even if the regulations change.”

He added, “this solution doesn’t just apply to DFARS regulations, it [the kit] can be used to meet other types of regulatory compliances, as well.”

When asked about cost, he said, “we’ve priced the kit to be affordable for small businesses, 5-user kit starts at under ten thousand dollars a year.”

Trustifier is a cyber-security software company located in the DMV.  For more information: