Advantage of a New DFARS Compliance Delivery Model?

Saves Time and Money!

This post is primarily for defense contractors interested in attaining their DFARS compliance quickly, and in a more cost-effective manner. Persons who focus on compliance generally, may be interested in an innovative compliance delivery model discussed in this post.

This series has discussed the increasing strictness of DoD compliance regimens, and the impact this has on defense contractors.

Successfully complying with the cyber-security compliance component – clause 252.204-7012, of the Defense Federal Acquisitions Rules Supplement (DFARS) by the 2017 year-end deadline, is proving to be a challenging and costly endeavour.

The purpose of the updated DFARS requirements is the overall improvement of network cyber defense, incident response and reporting capabilities of all contractors in the DoD supply chain. DoD is telling contractors to take the protection of its data very seriously and considers it a national security issue.

It’s in the Contract!

DFARS imposes a contractual duty to provide “adequate security” from “unauthorized access and disclosure” for all DoD “unclassified” information, on defense contractors and subcontractors. That’s right, the expected level of performance that contractors will now be held accountable to, will be written into all awarded DoD contracts.

DFARS presents a strict standard (for contractors) requiring the implementation of additional cyber security controls from the NIST 800-171 standard (for non-federal networks). This places an economic burden on contractors, who must become DFARS compliant in order to compete for, and retain their DoD contracts and revenue streams. Even though the DFARS deadline is the end of 2017, contractors must sometimes submit interim equivalent level controls for approval within 30 days, to retain DoD contracts. Some contracts have been cancelled already, for not meeting this requirement! Why risk your defence contracts? As you will see, it’s now possible to be completely DFARS compliant in less than 30 days, with the Kit!

Many contractors lack in-house cyber security expertise. The complexity of DFARS controls requires the hiring of expensive outside security services. While, this may be the typical approach, no matter how professional and skilled the expertise of outside services, this process is no longer the best option in terms of keeping costs reasonable and simplifying the process to attain DFARS compliance.

Continuing from the last post, it’s time to look at the Trustifier DFARS Evergreen Compliance Kit™ and how it eases the DFARS compliance burden for contractors!

The Trustifier DFARS Evergreen Compliance Kit

To assist defense contractors with this compliance burden, Trustifier has created a groundbreaking solution, taking a dramatically different approach to satisfying demanding DFARS regulations.

Our DFARS Evergreen Compliance Kit™ represents a new compliance delivery model that is a unique and practical approach to meeting DFARS requirements.

Meeting regulatory requirements becomes simple with Trustifier DFARS Compliance Kit, just deploy and get on with your business.

The Kit is a fully integrated, all-in-one hardware/software network solution that is complete, pre-configured and turnkey-ready to safeguard sensitive data belonging to DoD.

It will also protect any other sensitive data a contractor may wish to secure.

The Main Advantage? Save Time and Money!

Trustifier CEO Ahmed Masud summarizes the benefit of the DFARS compliance Kit simply as follows:

“DFARS compliance is a hard and ongoing problem, especially for small and medium-sized businesses because they usually have limited access to the expertise required to achieve and maintain these strict compliance regulations. This kit lets them have a fully compliant, ready-to-go network, in just 15 business days.”

Just how easy does this new DFARS compliance Kit make it for contractors?

An Easy Button to Streamline the Process

The idea of the Trustifier DFARS Compliance package is that all of the time-consuming details are taken care of for you. Completely. All of required NIST 800-171 controls are taken care for you. Contractors will not have to worry about complex technical implementations for continuous monitoring, two-factor authentication and encryption of all DoD data. It’s pre-configured and ready to go!

You provide your staff’s user IDs, organizational roles and notable information and the systems can be pre-configured for your company. Then your DFARS compliant stand-alone network is delivered to you in about three weeks.

Trustifier or a partner-reseller will walk you through the migration of DFARS related data to the new compliant network, and get the system up and running in about a day. Built in checks verify the process and confirms a successful compliance status is the end result.

Well that seems easy enough. There’s not a lot required for contractors to do. The Kit enables them to complete the DFARS compliance process quickly, so that they can get back to focusing on business related activities.

How could it be made any easier? The nicest thing about the Kit, are the things that contractors or any outsourced help, don’t have to do! Things such as:

  • performing an audit and performing the gap analysis
  • planning the scheduled implementation and testing of required controls
  • having to design, get approval for, implement and test necessary interim controls before DFARS compliance is achieved;

  • deal with the milestone progress checks and DoD monitoring of your efforts for months on end;
  • dealing with any fallout from disruptions or missteps when you’re trying to become compliant;

In short, contractors will not need to do a lot of extra work. With this delivery model money is spent only on the desired outcome! This is a big reason why the Kit saves you money! 

What’s in the Kit? Everything That’s Needed!

In the kit you get:


  • Servers

  • Workstations / Laptops

  • System software

  • Network components

  • Peripherals


  • Secure file sharing

  • Secure DNS

  • Secure email server

  • Secure web gateway

Evergreen Compliance

  • Immutable auditing

  • Insider threat quashing

  • Integrated auditing environment

  • DIBNet reporting workflow


  • Continuous updates

  • Automatic reporting

  • 24/7/365 Human support SLAs

  • Fully-assisted data migration

  • Insurable security

Get the Job Done, and get it Done Quickly!

Steps to becoming DFARS Compliance in less than 15-days

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  • Fill out the contact form (~2 minutes)

  • Have a one-on-one conversation with our compliance specialists (~15 minutes)

  • Answer a few questions and finalize your kit (~60 minutes)

  • Make a payment (~10minutes)

  • Receive your kit (~10 days)

  • We transfer over your data (1hr ~ 1day)

  • Get on with your business