Challenging Insider Threat Problems? Try Technical Controls

By |February 3rd, 2017|Insider threat, KSE|

KSE Technical Controls (Insider Threat Round-table Continued) A previous post, "New methods needed for addressing insider threats", was based on a panel discussion that pointed out hard challenges in preventing the insider threat. NISPOM CC2 and Executive Order 13587 for Federal government departments and agencies are now mandating insider threat programs to be implemented. The requirements

New methods needed for addressing insider threats: A roundtable discussion

By |December 28th, 2016|Compliance, Insider threat, KSE|

Tough Insider Threat Problems Identified   Two federal compliance regimens for insider threat  will drive improved awareness, but not much more. They are NISPOM Conforming Change 2 regulating cleared DOD contractors, and Executive Order 13587 for Federal government departments and agencies. These standards are significant because they formally recognize the insider threat. However, they will have

Insider Threat – Clear Text Data in Use, More

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KSE Insider Threat Toolbox   Encryption is the usual prescription to generally protect data in transit and in storage. Authorized personnel have access to sensitive data in a decrypted state while performing tasks and activities in accordance with assigned roles and duties. In terms of the insider threat, a major challenge is how to protect clear text

When Authentication Fails, Is There a Backup?

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When Authentication Fails Recent episodes of two security podcasts I listen to regularly discussed one of infosec's dead horses - password fail, but in a new light.  Many breaches result from the use of stolen credentials obtained by various means. Increasingly though, as both podcasts discussed, attackers are just using credentials or passwords that are used multiple times

Phishing: Are you a Suckerphish if you fall for the bait?

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A previous version of this was previously posted in October, 2014.   Previous posts on phishing, here, and here, discussed factors that might reduce the effectiveness of user  security awareness training to protect against phishing. We're not saying that awareness training can't help to some degree, possibly for tightly defined business procedures and processes with enforced