DFARS Implementation Cost Comparison

By |February 25th, 2017|Compliance, DFARS|

Trustifier DFARS Compliance Kit™ lets you get on with your business. Compare the cost of our kit vs. a typical Do-It-Yourself solution for a 5-person company, and see the savings for yourself. DFARS Compliance Kit™ Cost Starts at only $9995 per year for a 5 person company. Time Approximately 14

Trustifier Announces DFARS Compliance Kit

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Trustifier Announces DFARS Compliance Kit WASHINGTON DC, FEB 24, 2017 - Trustifier announced today the general release of an all-in-one hardware/software solution to the cyber-security compliance component of the Defense Federal Acquisitions Rules Supplement (DFARS). This DFARS Compliance Kit is a groundbreaking solution, taking a dramatically different approach to

Challenging Insider Threat Problems? Try Technical Controls

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KSE Technical Controls (Insider Threat Round-table Continued) A previous post, "New methods needed for addressing insider threats", was based on a panel discussion that pointed out hard challenges in preventing the insider threat. NISPOM CC2 and Executive Order 13587 for Federal government departments and agencies are now mandating insider threat programs to be implemented. The requirements