SMBs: Myth-informed about cyber attacks?

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SMBs are myth-ing the point; cyber criminals aren't missing them!   SMB Security Simplified  Many small businesses believe they are too small, or uninteresting to anyone, to be a target of cyber attack. Unfortunately, this is and always has been, a myth, a bad assumption, a rationalization, or any combination. To attackers and cyber criminals,

Cyber Security: Recap – Defender Advantage?

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<Added July 26/16 - The hackathon challenge is complete, and none of the participating Red Teams were successful.>   The Trustifier GOV2COM Hackathon 2016, - the "Irongoats Initiative", otherwise known as, "Exe..cuse me, your dirty bits are way too close to my MMU"  is getting going this week. The challenge is set up as a 2-month  (real-time) role-playing scenario

TUX AI and KSE Ransomware Prevention

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Ransomware Ascending - Part 4   SMB Security Simplified The ransomware problem continues to explode. Infosec, business and government are struggling to find solutions. There is debate about whether to pay ransom, it often hinges on whether one has data backups. KSE adds controls on the systems where ransomware attacks are attempted, stopping them. TUX

The 5 stages of cyber security adapt or die

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Replay: Ransomware Rapidware Edition Previously posted 2015/01/06   I once noticed an article called the “The 5 Stages of Security Grief” in (In)secure over at Help-Net Security. The author based his article on the ” 5 Stages of Grief” model by Dr. Kubler-Ross, which framed the series of emotional stages experienced when faced with impending death

Ransomware: The PIT and the Pendulum

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Ransomware Ascending - Part 3 SMB Security Simplified Ransomware is a PIT, a Prevalent, Increasing, Threat. Ransomware is virtually impossible to defend against once it infiltrates networks. Many don't do proper data backups, or do them well enough. Questions are raised about future data backup and restoration requirements. The pendulum is swinging towards prevention,

Ransomware Ascending – Part 2

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SMB Security Simplified Despite a number of wake-up calls, the infosec industry has not provided better defensive capability to businesses. Ransomware is in the process of becoming the greatest cyber crime epidemic ever. Risks tend to be underestimated, and protections are overestimated. The ransomware model of cyber crime is the current spotlight example of attacker advantage!

Adversaries got attitude – Ransomware

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Defenders get platitudes In light of the burgeoning ramsomware cyber crime epidemic, here's a replay of a post from a few years back.   Brian Krebs broke the news of more retail chain breaches last month and discussed one in the post  “Breach at Goodwill Vendor Lasted 18 Months”. He wrote that the Goodwill was breached