Ransomware Ascending – Part 1

By |March 29th, 2016|TUX GUI, Uncategorized|

Ransomware: Could be It's a game changer   SMB Security Simplified While this post is part of our SMB and small business defender series, posts on the ransomware epidemic are for the interest of everyone. Ransomware is poised to become the greatest cybercrime epidemic ever. SMBs should not assume they will not be targets of ransomware attack,

Cyber Security: Time to Help the Little Guys (SMBs)

By |March 5th, 2016|SMB, TUX GUI|

New series: The plight of small business defenders Trustifier is about to release a new security innovation called TUX, designed to deliver to SMBs a comprehensive and automated bundle of protections against all major cyber threats. TUX is an AI engine with a natural language processor interface. It's designed for people who aren't ITsec gurus

Supply Chain Security Needs TUX AI

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We recently participated in an event on supply chain security held by the National Research Council in Ottawa. This event was part of the usual ongoing NRC efforts to identify important issues for potential future research. At the event we also gave a short presentation on Tux technology which will prove useful in securing the