Vulnerability: The Achilles Heel of infosec?

By |January 31st, 2016|KSE|

Opinion: vulnerable-by-default isn’t working out Archive Replay (Original posting 2015/08/12)   Summary: Collected views, thoughts and opinions on the impact of the vulnerability-centric model in infosec.   This was a pretty decent rant making the rounds at one time. The author of the post ” The old speak: Wassenaar, Google, and why Spender is right“  commenting on

Security D’oh!-no! My sandbox spilleth over

By |January 19th, 2016|KSE|

Jon Oltsik recently wrote an opinion piece, here, discussing the inadequacy of anti-malware gateways, or network sandboxes. He tells us, “Once implemented, it wasn’t at all unusual for these devices to “light up like a Christmas tree.” My favourite part is, “Now security professionals understood at the time that traditional antivirus software was no match